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Instagram’s Favorite Food Performance Artist Will Be Smashing Her Face Into Bread at Art Fair

Bread Face will encourage attendees to participate

Bread Face prepares to smash her face into slices of bread. She will appear at the Seattle Art Fair this weekend.
Bread Face has built a sizable following on Instagram for her bread-smushing videos.
Courtesy of Seattle Art Fair

Art and carb lovers take note. This weekend, the social media star Bread Face — who has accumulated nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram for videos of her smashing her face into bread — will be running an interactive installation called Self Facing at Seattle Art Fair this weekend. Attendees are encouraged to play with the bread at the installation however they’d like, and the altered baked goods (made by Bread Face and her mom) will be part of the display. Self Facing showtimes at CenturyLink Field Event Center can be found here.

For those wondering WTF, Bread Face — who prefers not to divulge her real name — has been a curiosity for years. Her videos, often accompanied by soothing music, showcase her simply diving face-first into a variety of baked goods (naan, sliced rye, pancakes covered in syrup, you name it). Some say Bread Face’s appeal lies in Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), a phenomenon in which people derive euphoric sensations from certain visual stimuli or sounds that might seem mundane or random to others. Others might dismiss it as a silly stunt, which has been lucrative (Bread Face once had a jewelry sponsor and was featured in AdWeek). Her followers once made #breadfacing into a minor trend.

But with her first foray into the official art world, Bread Face continues to raise her profile. According to the press release, the Self Facing exhibition “touches on themes ongoing in the evolving oeuvre of the ASMR internet sensation including somatic materials, domesticity and of course, voyeurism.” She’s also considered the star of the Seattle show. No small feat in a city that often prefers its gluten-free options.

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