John Grade: Exploring Natural Phenomena

July 13, 2017

John Grade's "Middle Fork."
John Grade's "Middle Fork." The piece is currently on display at the Seattle Art Museum (photo by Benjamin Benschneider).

At John Grade’s Rainier Beach production studio, stacks of tiny wooden discs cover the tabletops. Soon each delicate piece will converge to form a branch, or a trunk, and ultimately become part of the gigantic sculpture that nearly reaches the studio ceiling. Grade may be best-known for the grandeur and immense scale of his works, such as “Middlefork,” now installed at Seattle Art Museum. But as the internationally-acclaimed artist prepares for Seattle Art Fair, he and his team scale down the size. Two small, Arctic-inspired sculptures will show with Davidson Galleries at the fair.

Here’s what Grade had to say about creative motivation, exploration and Seattle Art Fair.