2018 Galleries

Abmeyer + Wood   |   Seattle, WA  
Absolut Art   |   Stockholm, Sweden
ACA Galleries   |   New York, NY  
Adams and Ollman   |   Portland, OR  
Alexandre Gallery   |   New York, NY  
Allan Stone Projects   |   New York, NY  
Axiom Contemporary   |   Santa Monica, CA  
Back Gallery Project   |   Vancouver, BC   Canada
Berry Campbell   |   New York, NY  
C24 Gallery   |   New York, NY  
Ceysson & Bénétière   |   Paris, France
Charlie James Gallery   |   Los Angeles, CA  
Chimento Contemporary   |   Los Angeles, CA  
Chosun Hwalang   |   Seoul, South Korea
CK Contemporary   |   San Francisco, CA  
Claire Oliver Gallery   |   New York, NY  
COHJU contemporary art   |   Kyoto, Japan
CYNTHIA-REEVES   |   Walpole, NH  
David Zwirner   |   New York, NY  
Davidson Contemporary   |   New York, NY  
Debra Force Fine Art   |   New York, NY  
Diane Rosenstein Gallery   |   Los Angeles, CA  
Dolan/Maxwell   |   Philadelphia, PA  
Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery   |   San Francisco, CA  
Elissa Cristall Gallery   |   Vancouver, BC   Canada
Elizabeth Leach Gallery   |   Portland, OR  
F.L. Braswell Fine Art   |   Chicago, IL  
Fazakas Gallery   |   Vancouver, BC   Canada
Federico Luger - FL GALLERY   |   Milan, Italy
Feheley Fine Arts   |   Toronto, ON   Canada
Forum Gallery   |   New York, NY  
Foster/White Gallery   |   Seattle, WA  
Fridman Gallery   |   New York, NY  
G. Gibson Gallery   |   Seattle, WA  
Gagosian Gallery   |   New York, NY  
Gail Severn Gallery   |   Ketchum/Sun Valley, ID  
Galerie 55Bellechasse   |   Paris, France
Galerie Lelong & Co.   |   New York, NY  
Galerie PICI   |   Seoul, South Korea
Galerie Richard   |   New York, NY  
Galerie Taménaga   |   Tokyo, Japan
Galerie Youn   |   Montréal, QC   Canada
Gallery Dei Gratia   |   LaConner, WA  
Gallery Jones   |   Vancouver, BC   Canada
Gibbons & Nicholas   |   Dublin, Ireland
Greg Kucera Gallery   |   Seattle, WA  
Hall Spassov Gallery   |   Seattle, WA  
Harris Harvey Gallery   |   Seattle, WA  
Hashimoto Contemporary   |   San Francisco, CA  
Heather Gaudio Fine Art   |   New Canaan, CT  
HEXTON | modern and contemporary   |   Chicago, IL / Aspen, CO  
Hirschl & Adler Modern   |   New York, NY  
James Harris Gallery   |   Seattle, WA  
Jason Haam   |   Seoul, South Korea
Jerald Melberg Gallery   |   Charlotte, NC  
Joseph Gross Gallery   |   New York, NY  
Joshua Liner Gallery   |   New York, NY  
K. Imperial Fine Art   |   San Francisco, CA  
Koki Arts   |   Tokyo, Japan
Kuckei+Kuckei   |   Berlin, Germany
Lapis Press   |   Culver City, CA  
Linda Hodges Gallery   |   Seattle, WA  
Long-Sharp Gallery   |   Indianapolis, IN  
M.S. Rau Antiques   |   New Orleans, LA  
Maybaum Gallery   |   San Francisco, CA  
Melanie Flood Projects   |   Portland, OR  
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery   |   New York, NY  
Miles McEnery Gallery   |   New York, NY  
Mindy Solomon Gallery   |   Miami, FL  
Muriel Guépin Gallery   |   New York, NY  
NanHai Art   |   Millbrae, CA  
Nil Gallery   |   Paris, France
Ohshima Fine Art   |   Tokyo, Japan
Opera Gallery   |   New York, NY  
Over the Influence   |   Los Angeles, CA  
Patricia Rovzar Gallery   |   Seattle, WA  
PDX Contemporary Art   |   Portland, OR  
Peter Blake Gallery   |   Laguna Beach, CA  
Peter Robertson Gallery   |   Edmonton, AB   Canada
Phylogeny Contemporary   |   Seattle, WA  
projects+gallery   |   St. Louis, MO  
Quantum Contemporary Art   |   London, UK
Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery   |   London, UK
Richard Levy Gallery   |   Albuquerque, NM  
Robischon Gallery   |   Denver, CO  
Rosenbaum Contemporary   |   Miami, FL  
Samuel Freeman Gallery   |   Los Angeles, CA  
SEASON   |   Seattle, WA  
Serge Sorokko Gallery   |   San Francisco, CA  
Shift Gallery Seattle   |   Seattle, WA  
Somerville Manning Gallery   |   Wilmington, DE  
Spanierman Modern   |   New York, NY  
SPONDER GALLERY   |   Boca Raton, FL  
Stewart Gallery   |   Boise, ID  
TALION GALLERY   |   Tokyo, Japan
Tamarind Institute   |   Albuquerque, NM  
The Russo Lee Gallery   |   Portland, OR  
Traver Gallery   |   Seattle, WA  
UNIX Gallery   |   New York, NY  
Upsilon Gallery   |   New York, NY  
William Shearburn Gallery   |   St. Louis, MO  
Winston Wächter Fine Art   |   Seattle, WA  
Woodside/Braseth Gallery   |   Seattle, WA  
Yufuku Gallery   |   Tokyo, Japan
YUKI-SIS   |   Tokyo, Japan