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John Natsoulas John Natsoulas
John Natsoulas
Smith & Vallee Smith & Vallee
Smith & Vallee
Todd Merrill Todd Merrill
Todd Merrill
The most exciting year of the Seattle Art Fair to date, 2019 held some exciting advancements that the fair has seen since its opening year in 2015.
Showcasing over 100 of the top galleries from the local, national and international community, 2019 saw record-breaking attendance numbers and a wide range of programming that elevated the fair to new heights. Among the galleries in attendance in 2019 were Greg Kucera Gallery, Todd Merrill and the John Natsoulas Gallery.

“This year’s sales were even better than last year and we were happy to establish a 40/60 split between new and existing clients,” said Wahei Aoyama of Yufuku Gallery. “The Collector Preview was especially successful, with the brisk sale of all three Niyoko Ikuta glass artworks we had available.”