Public Fiction | A Witness and A Weapon: Middle Grays, Color Bars, and the comma in between

In two venues, Public Fiction will present an installation of early video art, experimentation and activism for television. These segments will be screened alongside video works by contemporary artists who similarly engage with new technologies and new modes of distribution to address contemporary concerns in a variety of direct and indirect ways. This is the first in a series of exhibitions by Public Fiction that will episodically pace the growing of an archive interested in citizen journalism, the artist as a witness, television as a medium and the circulation of ideas.

Middle Grays, Color Bars, and the comma in between is an exhibition set within the Seattle Art Fair. This project is curated by Lauren Mackler, quoting Trinh T. Minh-ha in her title, and showcases videos by Alive from Off Center, Laurie Anderson, Meriem Bennani, John Baldessari, Rami George , Mark Leckey, Muntadas, The Medium is the Message, Willard Rosenquist with William Roarty and Warner Jepso, Sigmar Polke, Cally Spooner, and TVTV (Top Value Television). A companion program titled A Witness and a Weapon, also curated by Mackler and this time quoting Deidre Boyle, will be on view at the Henry Art Gallery.

Image credit: Courtesy of Public Fiction.
Thursday, August 4 | Fair Hours
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