SAT Discussion 3

New Artists/New Collectors

Presented by Bank of America

Date & Time:

Friday, July 26, 2024
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Seattle Art Fair Christie's Theater

Join us at the Christie’s Theater, Friday July 26th at 5 pm for a Panel Discussion with two of the selected artists featured in the program. The panel, led by Sonja Moro, Bank of America’s Vice President and Art Services Specialist, will explore the process behind the work of the artists Julie Alpert represented by J. Rinehart Gallery, and Joe Rudko represented by PDX CONTEMPORARY ART.

New Artists / New Collectors, presented by Bank of America, is going into its second edition at this year’s Seattle Art Fair. The program, designed to introduce collectors and attendees to new artists and new galleries, encourages connection and fosters deeper relationships within the fabric of the fair.  

New Artists / New Collectors presents the work of 10 artists chosen by the Selection Committee. Parameters for the selected works focus on the concept of ‘new’. Each of the selected artworks contribute unique or ‘new’ perspectives to the current contemporary art landscape. For the collector and art lover, this program is an exciting opportunity to learn about new artists and new ideas, enriching the experience of the Seattle Art Fair.