So Familiar, The Naturopath, 2023, Glazed stoneware with gold luster, plexiglass and electrical, 61 x 30 x 10 in Emily Counts

Gallery Event: Emily Counts at studio e

Date & Time:

Saturday, June 22, 2024
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM


studio e

Join us for an afternoon with a 2024 Seattle Art Fair featured artist, Emily Counts. In the spirit of a studio visit this will be a time for Q & A with the artist and a preview of finished pieces as well as works-in-progress she is creating for a special project at the 2024 Seattle Art Fair. This new collection of ceramic and mixed media sculptures are a continuation of the themes and narratives developed for her 2023 solo exhibition, Sea of Vapors, at the Museum of Museums. Over the past year she has been expanding upon her series of life-sized figures and illuminated animal familiars as she prepares to exhibit an evolved version of Sea of Vapors at Oregon Contemporary this coming fall.  

The figures to be included in the SAF special project explore ideas about being seen and desiring or vying for attention, especially in the specific location of a busy art fair. They speak to both the vulnerability and rewards of exposure, and of inhabiting a body in public. They are composite portraits of self and influential women from Counts’ past and matrilineal heritage. This series evolved from thoughts about aging, femininity, transformation, and the supernatural.  

Emily Counts was born in Seattle, WA and currently lives and works in Tacoma. Her work has been exhibited nationally in institutions including Oregon Contemporary in Portland, OR, the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, the Torrance Art Museum in California, and in Washington at the Bellevue Arts Museum. She is represented in Oregon by Nationale and in Washington by studio e.