Talk Contemporary: Natalie Jeremijenko - Seattle Art Fair | July 25 - 28, 2024
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Talk Contemporary: Natalie Jeremijenko

Date & Time:

Saturday, August 1, 2015
2:00 PM - 2:00 PM


CenturyLink Field Event Center (Theater)

For the final installation of Talk Contemporary, join the Seattle Art Fair and Natalie Jeremijenko in discussing her important contribution to the emerging field of socio-ecological systems (or xDesign) crucial in the Anthropocene during her talk Placing the GOLDEN SPIKE of the Anthropocene: On the Great Participatory Pollinator Project and other Adventures in BiodiverCITY. Natalie is helping us reimagine our collective relationship to natural systems through the use of attractions and ongoing participatory research spectacles to address 21st Century challenges. In this panel, she will explore strategies to redesign energy, food and transportation systems that can contribute to the common good, increase soil, aquatic and terrestrial, biodiversity and improve human and environmental health.

Among her many accolades, she was awarded the Pioneer Prize from VIDA Art and Artificial Life International Awards for her consistently brilliant portfolio of work over the past two decades (2014), granted Most Innovative People award (2013), most influential women in technology (2011) and one of the inaugural top young innovators by MIT Technology Review and 40 most influential designers. Jeremijenko directs the Environmental Health Clinic—facilitating public and lifestyle experiments that can aggregate into significant human and environmental health benefits.

Holland Cotter wrote in his New York Times review (9/22/09) of Jeremijenko’s exhibition at Postmasters gallery that it is “wise, witty and bracingly fierce.”

Wired Science’s review of Jeremijenko’s Creative Biolody: A User’s Manuel (2005) “… Natalie Jeremijenko is probably one of the three or four most dynamic people on the face of the earth.”

Talk Contemporary is a series of talks presented by Seattle Art Fair featuring leading contemporary artists working in a variety of media and disciplines. The artists in this series engage audiences with complex issues related to sustainability and climate change.