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MadArt is a contemporary arts organization located in Seattle, WA. We serve as a catalyst for making new installation-based works by supporting artists and encouraging them to experiment with materials and ideas that expand their professional practices. At MadArt Studio, we invite visitors to engage in conversation with working artists around the creative process, while remaining free and open to the public during all stages of exhibition development.



325 Westlake Ave N, #101
Seattle, WA 98109

Current Hours

Mon-Fri — 12-5pm
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Host your next event at MadArt Studio

During and between exhibitions, we host events from 10-300 guests. Allow us to make your next meeting, dinner, or celebration a memorable one.

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New "Lure" film (2020)

Lure (2020) film by Dream the Combine in collaboration with Isaac Gale for the installation “Lure” (2019) by Dream The Combine and Clayton Binkley

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"Parable of Gravity" by Casey Curran - video by James Harnois

“Through Parable of Gravity, Curran provides us with an alternative ‘natural’ world. What you encounter is an environment in transition, simultaneously undergoing a cycle of growth and collapse. This fabricated ecosystem alludes to the fine balance of our world’s natural systems and our impact as humans on their well-being.”
Emily Kelly // MadArt

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