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The New Artists / New Collectors program, presented by Bank of America, is an exciting new program designed to connect collectors to new artists and new galleries, forging deeper connections and encouraging conversation and engagement at the fair. A Selection Committee of esteemed art world experts selected 10 artworks which are highlighted below and in the gallery’s booths. All chosen works highlight this notion of innovation, either an artist making their debut at the fair or working with a new medium, or a gallery presenting an artist new to their roster. 

AMP nanc 05

Von Coffin, #60, PB & J, Edition 2/2


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AMP nanc 01

Barry Johnson, Lost Boy

Presented by Winston Wätcher Fine Art

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Philippe Hyojung Kim UnEarthly Delights24

Philippe Hyojung Kim, (Un)Earthly Delights: #24

Presented by The Vestibule

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AMP nanc 09

Dennis Kleidon, Round Midnight

Presented by Walter Wickiser Gallery

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AMP nanc 03

Brenda Mallory, North Star (To Wander in a Slow Circle)

Presented by Russo Lee Gallery

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AMP nanc 07

Michelle Marin, Singing Heart

Presented by Spence Gallery

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AMP nanc 04

Vander McClain, Juniper, Lava Beds Wilderness, Oregon, March 29, 2022

Presented by AMcE Creative Arts

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AMP nanc 08

Melissa Monroe, Body


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AMP nanc 06

Christine Rasmussen, Jet Stream Horizon

Presented by Billis Williams Gallery

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AMP nanc 10

Denis Sarazhin, Lion Knight


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2023 Selection Committee

Nato Thompson – Author, Curator and Partner at Artwrld and Artistic Director, AMP Art Fairs

Sonja Moro – Vice President, Art Services Specialist at Bank of America

Theresa Papanikolas – Ann M. Barwick Curator of American Art at Seattle Art Museum

Greg Bell – Advisor and Arts Consultant, Previously Chief Curator for Vulcan LLC

Stephanie Ellis-Smith – CEO / Owner of philanthropic advisory firm, Phīla and Co-Founder of Giving Gap(formerly “Give Blck”), a national online database of Black-founded organizations.