Tariqa Waters

4th Sunday, 2023

Archival print, heavy-duty hardboard, paper ball shells

9 ft x 2 ft x 4 ft

4th Sunday is a large-scale paper sculpture of a giant vintage church fan featuring ball barrettes. The piece is meant to depict an allegory of stillness without resolution. Known for her captivating larger-than-life installations, Tariqa Waters reimagines and constructs by hand, ubiquitous household items to lampoon consumerism and the sticky contradictions inherent in vices rooted in Americana-distorted memories and tall tales.

One of Seattle Magazine’s most influential artists, born in Richmond Virginia, Tariqa Waters innovative practice masterfully commands space through her use of mixed-media tableaus, paintings, photographs, film and whimsical immersive installations. Her technicolor characterizations of multigenerational commercial references reclaim a sincere aesthetic steeped in effortless regality and proudly celebrated traditions. Waters’ work has exhibited in numerous galleries and featured in Rolling Stone France and Madame Figaro magazines. Solo exhibitions of her work have been organized at The Hedreen Gallery, [2014]; Northwest African American Museum, Seattle, WA (2016); and her 5 part glass immersive installation at The Museum of Museums, Seattle, WA [2023]. Waters has been awarded multiple prizes and grants, including the 2016 Conductive-Garboil Grant. The Artist-Trust- Fellowship Award [2018]; The Seattle Art Museum’s Kayla Skinner Special Recognition Award [2020]; The Gary Glant Special Recognition Award [2021]; The Neddy at Cornish Open Medium Award [2020]; and the Arts Innovative Award [2023].