6.Sobering Galerie Siret

Victor Siret

At Home, 2023

Cotton threads, half stitches

15 3/10 × 20 4/5 inches

Presented by Sobering Galerie

In his series entitled “Strip”, French artist Victor Siret draws his inspiration from the essay “Learning From Las Vegas” by American architects Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown and Steven Izenour. This captivating series highlights the iconic buildings of the Las Vegas Strip.

The artist explores the traditional medium of canvas while pro- pelling it into the world of contemporary art thanks to his judicious choices of subject and colour. Siret brilliantly reinterprets these symbols of Las Vegas using shades and hues that transcend reality. His innovative approach skillfully combines artistic tradition with a modern aesthetic, making his series a vibrant testament to the enduring influence of the iconic architecture of the Las Vegas Strip on contemporary art.

In At Home, the artist plays with the name of the establishment, depicting a mushroom cloud in the background (At Home / Atom). Sub- tle references, such as the blue windows signifying SOS in Morse code, and the black door with its frame, a reference to Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings, are interwoven in this representation. The artist questions the relics of the past and deconstructs stereotypes. Siret guides us through this exploration, offering an artistic meditation on the enduring influence of the Strip’s architecture on contemporary art and questioning collec- tive perceptions.

Bio: Born in 1998 in France, Victor Siret currently lives and works in Marseille. He graduated from ESAAA in Annecy in 2021, having previously earned a diploma from ESBANM in Nantes in 2019. His pursuit of artistic growth led him to a 2018 workshop with Hungarian filmmakers Peter Lichter and Bori Maté at Mire, a space dedicated to experi- mental cinema in Nantes.

In 2024, Victor is preparing for a solo exhibition at Sobering Galerie in Paris, following his participation in several exhibitions there in 2023. He also completed an artist residency at Villa Noailles in Hyères that year. In 2024, esteemed French art critic Marc Donnadieu wrote an article about him for Geste Magazine, highlighting his significant artistic journey.