Bebe Miller + Darrell Jones | Duet Piece of String

Bebe Miller + Darrell Jones | Duet Piece of String, 2016

In partnership with Velocity Dance Center, Seattle’s premiere art center dedicated to movement-based art, the fair presents a public performance by acclaimed artists Bebe Miller and Darrell Jones. Every August, Velocity’s Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation (SFDI) brings the world’s leading dance innovators to the Pacific Northwest. At the historic Union Station—activated every day by commuters and tourists visiting from around the globe—Miller and Jones will perform Duet with Piece Of String, an ongoing project investigating the performance of improvisation. Mining their 17-year collaboration and friendship, they pick up where they left off last winter in Chicago, bringing their individual perspectives into close proximity and dynamic engagement. This performance includes music by Justin Mitchell and is curated by Velocity Artistic Director Tonya Lockyer.