AMP nanc 08

Melissa Monroe

Body, 2022

100% wool rug tufting

48 x 28 inches


Melissa Monroe is a distinguished multi-disciplinary artist who channels her artistic visions into a diverse range of mediums, including textiles, sculpture, and acrylic paintings. With an unwavering dedication to her craft, Monroe has continuously expanded her artistic horizons, particularly in the realm of handtufted textiles, enriching her understand- ing of texture and shape.

Driven by a fusion of her painting background and a deep affinity for pattern and abstraction, Monroe’s designs encapsulate her unique perspective. Each new artistic medium she delves into serves as a cata- lyst for inspiration, intertwining and harmonizing with her existing
body of work. This organic integration of ideas expands her artistic ico- nography, allowing her to push boundaries and transcend creative limitations. Residing in the artistic hub of Portland, OR, Monroe is a self-taught artist who has dedicated herself to the pursuit of her artistic passions since 2013. Her talent has garnered international recognition, with her artwork being sought after and exhibited globally. Monroe’s emergence in the world of fiber art was serendipitous, as she fortuitously discovered tufting tools through social media in early 2021. The acces- sibility of these tools ignited her imagination, leading her to experiment with various textiles, including full head masks, sculptures, and large
wall hangings. Monroe has done installation work with Jaipur Living and Machus. Her fiber work has been featured by Tuft the World and Hyperallergic.

Bio: Driven by her profound appreciation for color, Melissa Monroe goes the extra mile to ensure her yarn is specially dyed for each project. Employing multiple tufting machines and a sizable loom, she expertly creates intricate textures and shapes while masterfully infusing her unique artistic voice with expressive line quality. Her sculptures, meticulously hand-sewn and patterned, evolve organically during the creative process, allowing for a sense of freedom and spontaneity. Minimal planning and sketching allow Monroe to embrace the inherent fluidity within her artwork, balancing exceptional craftsmanship with emotional depth and connection.