Chris Burden | Scale Model of the Solar System

Chris Burden | Scale Model of the Solar System, 2018

Presented by Gagosian Gallery

Chris Burden’s Scale Model of the Solar System (1983) will be on view, spanning the distance between Gagosian’s booth at the fair (featuring the sphere representing the Sun), and the Seattle Art Museum, with the various planets on public view in relative scale between them.
Map and location details forthcoming.

A scale model, both in size and distance, of the solar system. The sun (865,000 miles in diameter) is represented by a sphere 13 inches in diameter and 40 inches in circumference. The planets of the solar system, constructed to the correct scale, are placed at the correct scale distance across the city. The distance from the sun varies from 36 feet for Mercury, the closest planet, to almost a mile away for Pluto, the farthest planet.
– Chris Burden