Chesler Bri Cooooties(Deatil)hopper

Bri Chesler

Coooooties, 2022

glass (cast, flameworked, and blown), swarovski rhinestones, glass beads, flocking, wool, synthetic hair, and mixed media

34 x 4 x 14 inches

Presented by Corning Museum of Glass

Bri Chesler’s Coooooties aims to unveil the unfamiliar landscape of the microbial environment that we unconsciously generate and coexist with. The surrounding world of microorganisms is both detrimental and beneficial, yet ultimately indispensable. We inadvertently leave traces of bacterial imprints wherever we go, and as a consequence, these unseen ecosystems reflect our existence on the most microscopic level. 

Bri Chesler is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on sculptural installation. Chesler is known for her innovative approach, blending various glass techniques with other media. Drawing inspiration from her upbringing in the swamps of Florida, she incorporates chaotic elements of nature into her art, fusing biology and botany to create seductive objects. Her work dissects the complexity of desire with a maximalist aesthetic, creating sculptures that ‘flirt’ with the audience. After investigating metal and foundry processes at the Kansas City Art Institute, Bri discovered her passion for glass. The sensual nature of glass captured the essence of Chesler’s work in a way that metal did not.  In 2022, Bri was featured at the Center on Contemporary Arts in Seattle and will be exhibiting at the Museum of Glass in August 2024.