Dylan Mira and Erika Vogt | Pool

Dylan Mira and Erika Vogt | Pool, 2017

In the light-filled, tiled hall of Seattle’s historic Union Station, Los Angeles based artists Erika Vogt and Dylan Mira present a new collaboration. Cruising the temporal drag they locate between the train station as site of waiting and movement to the care and commons of the bathhouse, Pool considers a travel for end times. The public is invited to lounge in an installation of sculptural platforms referencing spa materials, ancient baths, architectural models, memorials and spells while a specially formulated herbal mist spreads through the space. Here a multi-channel video is displayed alongside live performances by Mira of her ongoing video essay on “Orientation and Orientalism”, Duty Free, as well as a final participatory somatic writing score for audience members. Using ergonomics, organics and perspective to disorient “the body as table as building as mist as dream,” new positions form across time.