Eternal Optimist

Morgan Madison

Eternal Optimist, 2022

Kiln cast and cold worked glass

18 x 8 x 4 inches

Presented by Corning Museum of Glass

Morgan Madison is a Seattle based artist working in numerous media, kiln formed glass primary among them. His work inhabits the realm where man-made constructs, the architecture of nature and imagination overlap. His practice is comprised of 3 main components; the creation of artworks that explore ever-evolving themes, the creation of commissioned artworks and the teaching of his process and techniques to students around the world.

Madison’s interest in the arts was encouraged from an early age by his parents and teachers. He also found guidance in Bob Ross, learning to believe in the value of art and to appreciate the participation of chance in his creative endeavors. These encouragements led him to study at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR where he received a BA in Studio Art.

A subsequent job in the fiery depths of a glass factory introduced him to the material which now forms the core of his practice. In 2013 Madison put down roots in Seattle where he works out of a studio built from the ground up with the help of friends.

Recent exhibitions include the 2021 biennial at the Bellevue Arts Museum and a 2023 solo exhibit at Pier 69, Seattle, WA. Madison’s professional residencies include the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC and Northlands Creative in Scotland. He maintains an active teaching schedule with recent courses at Pittsburgh Glass Center and Warm Glass UK, among others.

Recent awards include a 2021 CityArtist Award from the City of Seattle’s Office of Arts and Culture.