orly anan portrait vertical

Orly Anan


8' x 24' x10'

Presented by Museum of Museums

LAS BALEBOSTE its a constellation of 18 masks where Orly Anan explores the idealizations of female stereotypes with imagined characters full of strong personalities . Each femme represents the infinite desire of transformation , blurring the boundaries between artificial beauty and the spirit as well as traditional limitations between exteriority and interiority. Anan invites you to explore the notion that who you are is how you pose, and how you pose is who you are.

Orly Anan is a Colombian/ Israeli visual artist and Art Director interested in the mysticism implicated in everyday life . She is currently experimenting with the intersection of ritual and popular culture, as well as Anthropocosmic Surrealism. Her research has led her to explore the traditions of various countries, from Asia to Latin America , these cultures being her main inspiration. Anan lives and works in Mexico City.