AMP nanc 03

Brenda Mallory

North Star (To Wander in a Slow Circle), 2023

Thread, felt, wax on panel

43.5 x 39 inches

Presented by Russo Lee Gallery

Brenda Mallory’s work is informed by eco-conscious underpinn- ings. As a Native American artist working primarily with sculpture, mixed media and installation, Mallory links to her Cherokee heritage and traditions are manifested in her interest conveying a strong connec- tion to the earth and the importance of stewardship. Mining natural and found materials, she uses texture and repeated rhythmic forms to create subtle and complex abstract compositions. For Mallory, the potential
for objects to have multiple uses and lives, as well as the idea that permanence becomes impermanence has been an on-going source of inspiration in her world.

North Star (To Wander in a Slow Circle) is one of a series of works based on the idea that we perceive the North Star as permanent, but over thousands of years, different stars assume the position and the name. Currently it is Polaris, but because the earth spins on a precessional axis, the star that serves as the North Star shifts over time. “My use of this title asks us to question ideas of linear time, absolutes, and dominant ideas of truth. The piece is made from sliced-open spools of thread. I often work with the color red in varying shades to refer
to blood quantum, a colonizing tool with a complex history that is used by many tribes to define tribal memberships.”

Bio:Brenda Mallory lives in Portland, Oregon but grew up in Oklahoma and is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. She holds a BA in Linguistics & English from UCLA and a BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art. She has received grants from the Oregon Arts Commission, Ford Family Foundation, and the Regional Arts & Culture Council. She is a recipient of the Eiteljorg Contemporary Native Art Fellowship, the Native Arts and Culture Foundation Fellowship in Visual Art, and the Ucross Native Fellowship. Mallory has participated in artist residencies including Ucross, Anderson Ranch, Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts, Glean, Bullseye Glass, and Signal Fire Outpost, c3:initiative, and the Jordan Schnitzer Printmaking Residency at Sitka Center for the Arts.