Wide Awakes

Pop Up Structures, 2022

10x7.5 ft. per piece

Presented by Amplifier

Amplifier is a nonprofit design lab that builds art and media experiments to amplify the most important movements of our times. Their AR app helps transform analog 2D posters, stickers, and murals into art that literally comes to life.

Amplifier is proud to be one of the fourteen founding organizations of the new Wide Awakes movement, one of the largest collaborations of cultural leaders in U.S. history with nationwide civic actions before and after the 2020 election.

We are a network of thousands of artists, cultural workers, and activists driven by the most urgent social and political issues of our time. We’re organizing communities, sharing knowledge, building art, agitating for change, and getting out the vote.  Working together, we make the culture—we are the culture—that makes the future.