Seattle NFT Museum

Booth Installation, 2022

Presented by Seattle NFT Museum

The Seattle NFT museum is devoted to the education and curation of NFT-based art. This exhibition at the Seattle Art Fair is meant to showcase both physical and digital representations of NFT work, representing artists who have made a global impact.

Tyler Hobbs, from Austin, is a seminal generative artist, building his images through carefully crafted algorithms. His collections titled “Incomplete Control” and “Findenza” are some of the most known in all generative work today. You will find both physical and digital representations of his NFT art. Gabe Weis is an NFT and mixed-media artist living in the Bay Area. Stream of consciousness meets cubism in his bold portraiture. His work has been sold to collectors across the globe and the artist rose quickly to the top of the NFT art market. Henry Mandel is a Pacific Northwest area artist whose paintings and drawings are products of his ongoing exploration of contemporary artistic practices, scientific principles, the human condition and their merging effect on our lives. Trained as a traditional painter and printmaker, Mandell uses computers and software to build compelling abstract imagery. In addition, the Seattle NFT Museum will show works by Jen Stark, working with paper, wood, metal and paint and Coldie, a 3D photographer executed in VR.

Friday evening of the Seattle Art Fair (July 22), the museum is hosting a VIP preview of a special exhibition, titled “Crossing Over,” exploring artists who have taken their work from physical and even traditional backgrounds into the digital landscape. NFTs have given these artists a global audience and a direct and powerful connection with their collectors and supporters. Their stories help to frame the conversation of the value of NFTs to the broader art community. Purchase tickets to the preview here.

Learn more about the Seattle NFT Museum here https://www.seattlenftmuseum.com/