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Dennis Kleidon

Round Midnight, 2022

Acrylic on watercolor paper

30 x 22 inches

Presented by Walter Wickiser Gallery

Chicago-born artist Dennis Kleidon paints robust abstractions that unleash the imagination and explore the possibilities of paint in action. Kleidon is obsessed with transforming the creative spirit into
an explosion of dynamic forms and colors dancing on the canvas. Move- ment, action, and carefully positioned brushstrokes appear as violent gestures within his paintings, but have an underlying composition that is fluid, yet balanced.

Bio: Dennis Kleidon paints dynamic abstractions exploring the excitement of paint in action. Seemingly spontaneous, but actually well-planned, his paintings express a synchro- nization of music and dance. He has been featured in solo and group shows in New York City, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Palm Desert, California. His work has been recognized by the world-renowned art critic, Edward Lucie-Smith, as “deeply personal” and “bursting with life.” Lucie-Smith says “Kleidon’s paintings have plenty to say, powerful symbolic messages that can be embodied directly in paint on a surface.” Kleidon studied art and architecture during the height of the mid-century abstract expressionist movement which has had a significant influence on his work. Like many abstract expressionists, Kleidon balances the orderly backgrounds of his paintings with an aggressive attack on the canvas. Kleidon worked for two architectural firms near Chicago, but his love for fine art and design led to continuing his studies at Illinois Wesleyan University (BFA) and Illinois State University (MS). Kleidon then joined the art faculty of the University of Illinois and subsequently of the University of Akron. He recently published a book titled, Unleash Your Imagination: Transform Your Life. It quickly became an Amazon Best Seller. The book inspires readers to view life as a design project, planning each aspect of their life based on their utmost desires and aspirations.

As an artist, designer, and a classically trained pianist, Kleidon integrates a multitude of experiences into his compositions. Influenced by jazz piano, choreography, and musical theater, he expresses in his paintings the complexity of musical scores as well as the beauty and flow of synchronized dance. Kleidon’s love of music and theater is evident in ’Round Midnight #P10. The ’Round Midnight series of paintings honors Thelonious Monk, Ahmad Jamal, and other great jazz pianists, evoking images of rousing performances in dimly lit nightclubs.