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Jeffrey Gibson


custom printed screens, aluminum rods, motor, PVC

13 ft x 15 ft

Presented by ICA San Francisco and Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

THE MANY WORLDS mobile takes the form of a suspended model of our solar system. The surfaces of the planets are printed with stills taken from the immersive installation titled THIS BURNING WORLD, 2022, (at the ICA San Francisco) and they reflect images of the landscape in The Hudson Valley in New York, among other locations, as they changed throughout the seasons. The all-over geometric patterns allow for multiple landscapes to be viewed at the same time and give them each equal presence in the image. Both The Many Worlds and THIS BURNING WORLD acknowledge the elements of the landscape as relatives and also as extensions of our own bodies. This mobile represents the worlds within worlds, with the intention to open up conversations regarding our physical, psychological, and emotional relationship to the land and all living things as inextricable from ourselves and each other.  

Jeffrey Gibson is an artist of Choctaw and Cherokee descent, referencing Indigenous cultures and modern subcultures in his artworks. He is represented by Sikkema Jenkins and Co in NYC, Roberts Projects in LA, and Stephen Friedman in London. Gibson’s work can be found in major public and private collections, including Whitney Museum of American Art, Denver Art Museum, and Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts among others.